Tactics or Beliefs?


How did you go from art teacher to temporary receptionist to president of a construction company?

This is a question I’m asked all the time. And I’m often tempted to share tactics.

I quit my teacher job to find my passion. I found great mentors. I asked a lot of questions. I found a great company. I took courses and obtained credentials in my field. I absorbed the experiences like a sponge.

But it’s deeper than that.

These tactics aren’t anything new. This advice is all over the web, in communities and passed on from our hard-working ancestors. I’ve given this feedback to those who are interested in pursuing the same path. 

They get frustrated when it doesn’t work for them the way it worked for me. I’ve had to sit back and ask myself, why? Is it bad advice? Do they not have the same resources I had? What makes my situation different? AND why can’t I coach someone through it?!

I’ve had to sit with some uncomfortable feelings and reflection. I kept telling myself, If I did this, any competent person should be able to do the same

Getting Unstuck

It wasn’t all rainbows for me.

My story is filled with great ups and downs…tears, fears, and cheers. 

There was a time when I had a headache every day. I thought it was simply from staring at a computer screen, (or sobbing pitifully in my car during my commute home). But after digging deeper, I understood it was that feeling of being stuck. 

I thought it was because I was in the wrong industry. I gave up. I tucked my tail between my legs and retreated. I questioned my goals. 

It was a time of fear, frustration, and a loss of alignment with my beliefs. I no longer believed in myself. 

I am fortunate that time only lasted 6 months before I bounced back and began to thrive again. Many of us go through these seasons, but it’s important to understand they are only seasons. When your beliefs are deeply seated, they aren’t fleeting. They always return after hibernation.

Yes, the right support and resources are important, but it starts on the inside.

But Do You Believe?

When I gave career advice to other aspiring women, I was missing a critical piece.

It’s not just a mindset. It boils down to some very basic, but deep-seated beliefs. 

I had to BELIEVE that I would be noticed.

I had to BELIEVE that I could earn people’s respect in a difficult field.

I had to BELIEVE that my opportunity was out there, waiting for me.

I had to BELIEVE that no matter what challenge came my way, I would figure it out.

So let’s circle back to the question: What’s more impactful, tactics or beliefs?

You certainly need to take action, but figuring out the right action and having the grit to stick with it takes a deeper motivation.  

Do YOU believe?


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